Achieve Local Triumph through Quantifiable Strategies

Navigate Success with Measurable Local Strategies

Crafting a comprehensive local marketing strategy requires a deep understanding of your customer's journey—spanning from the initial stages of awareness to the ultimate conversion. This journey forms the cornerstone of your brand's engagement and success, making it essential to piece together each phase seamlessly. Our Local Analytics service equips your business with the precise data needed to assemble this intricate puzzle.

By scrutinizing the effectiveness of your local initiatives across the Awareness, Exploration, Consideration, and Conversion phases, you can make informed decisions that shape your next steps. Whether it's tweaking your messaging to better resonate with specific demographics, optimizing the customer experience, or realigning your approach for greater impact, our Local Analytics data guides your path to continuous improvement.

In an era where data-driven decisions pave the way for success, our Local Analytics offers you the means to measure, refine, and propel your local marketing strategies forward.

Enhance Local Landing Page Effectiveness through Conversion Rate Optimization

Your location-specific landing pages play a pivotal role in facilitating purchase decisions and guiding website visitors towards the next steps. Leveraging data-driven insights and optimization techniques, we enact strategic changes that significantly elevate a landing page's capability to drive conversions. Our enhancements encompass:

  • Intuitive store locator
  • Clear and compelling 'Get Directions' call-to-action button
  • Up-to-date store status with regular and special hours
  • Distinct and compelling hard and soft calls-to-action
  • Prominently displayed and easily accessible conversion buttons

Insights & Analytics for Comprehensive Tracking

Monitor your business's performance with an array of key performance indicators (KPIs) through our Insights & Analytics solution. Gain valuable insights into various aspects, including:

  • Local Listing KPIs - Profile views, phone calls, driving direction requests, direct, discovery and branded searches, and showcase performance by devices
  • Additional Local KPIs - Total searches, visits to website, photo views, GMB posts views and clicks
  • Landing Page KPIs - Sessions, average session duration, bounce rate, bookings, website leads and revenue

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