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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an innovative open-source HTML framework developed by Google, offers a revolutionary approach to enhancing mobile content consumption while drastically improving page loading speed. With AMP, websites experience loading times that are 15% to 85% faster compared to traditional HTML versions. This optimization not only profoundly impacts user experience but also holds the potential to significantly elevate your search engine rankings. The significance of swift loading times cannot be understated—research indicates that even a one-second delay in page response can lead to a staggering 9% reduction in conversions. For e-commerce platforms, this could translate to substantial revenue loss amounting to millions. AMP is indeed not a direct ranking factor, yet its influence on visibility and traffic cannot be ignored.

Excellence in Mobile Performance

  • Almost Instant Loading with AMP Pages
  • Experience the power of AMP pages that load almost instantly, intensifying user engagement and providing a seamless browsing experience.

  • Elevated User Engagement
  • The quick loading times of AMP pages lead to elevated user engagement, fostering positive interactions and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

  • Harness Cutting-Edge Mobile Technology
  • Embrace the potential of cutting-edge mobile technology through AMP, providing your audience with seamless experiences that align with their mobile habits.

Unlock the Benefits of AMP

  • The CMS employs schema and AMP for all customers, while also supporting other CMS platforms
  • AMP improves visibility in certain SERP types
  • Accelerated page delivery and enriched user experience
  • AMP shows positive correlation with increased clickthrough and traffic

Delivering AMP for Over 4,300 Websites

  • Being one of the pioneers in adopting AMP, we have a strong track record:
  • AMP case study success stories featured on the official Google AMP page
  • Highest-performing AMP and mobile solution with unique AMP synchronization control
  • Rapid deployment in 1 month or less
  • Leading in AMP adoption for hotel and restaurant sites
  • Proven expertise in maximizing AMP's benefits for various industries
  • Consistent commitment to staying ahead of AMP developments and best practices

Absolutely, because the features of AMP and PWA complement each other with their functionalities and pave the way to a super-fast user experience for users. While AMP will help with fast page load speed, the other advanced functionalities of PWA will ensure that your website visitors are getting the best of both worlds. Consider AMP as the entry to PWA. In fact, our CMS makes the best use of the capabilities of both features AMP and PWA to give our clients the best possible website experience. While AMP offers stellar page load speed, we use PWA for our clients to re-engage with their customers using push notifications.

As the name suggests, Progressive web apps (PWAs) are web applications that give a native app-like experience to users - basically, websites that look and function like apps. PWAs offer several perks such as faster load speed, responsive design, HTTP secure, accessibility for all types of browsers, offline usability, and have personalized functions as websites can use them for push notifications, etc.

Yes, SEO practices apply to both mobile and desktop websites. Previously, desktop websites were considered the primary version, and mobile websites were seen as alternatives for businesses. However, with changing search behavior and mobile search trends, Google introduced mobile-first indexing. This means that if your website has both a desktop and mobile version, the mobile version will be indexed first. To rank well, your mobile site must adhere to SEO best practices. If your desktop site ranks well and your mobile version has a similar layout, ensure it's responsive to maintain its ranking. If a query is made using a mobile device, Google will display your mobile version to users.

Google has stated that AMP itself is not a ranking factor, but it contributes to page load speed and enhances user experience. Research has demonstrated that the addition of AMP has shown a correlation with increased traffic and conversions.

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